22 1 / 2013

As we all know, Homestuck is a thing. It’s definitely a thing and I like it. I was learning a new programming language at the time (Python) and, if you mix that in with some free time, we get PyScreenstuck!

PyScreenstuck is a Homestuck notifier that runs on your computer. When there is a new Homestuck update, PyScreenstuck sends your phone a text message via Google Voice! 

What is Google Voice?
Anyone who creates a Google Account has free access to Google Voice. What Google Voice allows you to do is create a new phone number on their site. Any text message sent to this Google Voice number can be redirected to your own phone number! This feature is in the settings page.

How does PyScreenstuck work?
PyScreenstuck runs on your machine and checks MSPA every minute (that seems to be the standard???) for a new update. When it notices a new update, it sends a text message to your Google Voice number which redirects it to your cellphone number. That’s it!

Can I customize the text message?
Sorry that feature is not available (yet?). 

What Operating System can I run PyScreenstuck on?
This zip file only contains an executable for Windows but the application was programmed in Python so i’ll be able to port it over to OS X and linux when I get some free time. Tested OS’s: Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.10

IMPORTANT! What’s the catch?
No catch….kinda. This is limited to those within the US and Canada. I would love for this to be available for everyone but Google Voice limits to US/Canada >:[

The instructions are available here

It might be useful to someone maybe. I usually run it on my computer when i’m going to the computer lab at my school. I guess other situations I can think of are: going to conventions…the bathroom?

I was planning on running it on my raspberry pi to avoid large power consumption so if you’re interested in that stay tuned.

If there are any problems or you have a question please message me through here! :O)

22 1 / 2013

Make sure to have your Google Voice account ready.

1. Go to the link (http://host-a.net/u/victorbx/pyscreenstuck_install.zip) and download it.

2. Extract the pyscreenstuck_install.zip. Run the pyscreenstuck_install.exe. Then go into the pyscreenstuck folder

3. Run pyscreenstuck application

4. Type in your email/password/number. Nothing is saved. It’s just used to login and send the text to the correct number

5. It is now checking for updates!

6. If you want to test it out and see if it worked, open the savedate.txt in the pyscreenstuck folder. The number in that text file should be the same as the newest update. Change that number to any number you want (ex 007651) while PyScreenstuck is running. Within a minute you should have received a text message with the words “Homestuck Update!”. If you open the savedate.txt file again the number should be the same as the newest update again.

22 1 / 2013